IDP's Online Interactive Silk Road Quest

In IDP's web quest you are living in eighth-century Samarkand and about to embark on a long and perilous journey to China. As you travel east you will be faced with difficult decisions which will affect whether you reach your destination safely. Only some will make it but, if you fail first time, you can try again. En route, you will learn much about the ancient Silk Road, its geography, languages, cultures and people.
Silk Road Quest is an educational interactive web game for eleven year-olds upwards devised by IDP but yet to be implemented on the web. We are therefore asking for your financial support to make this possible. We cannot do this without you. Every GB£ contribution you make will help us travel one kilometre along the Quest's route and bring us closer to making this resource accessible to children the world over.
Funding Target: £6000 needed to reach Chang'an. Any contributions (large or small) would be most gratefully received.
Raising: £500 (500km) will bring us to Tashkent, the first stage of the journey, and enable us to prepare graphics for the site.
Raising: £1700 (1700km) takes us over the Pamirs to Kashgar and enables the initial web design to be completed.
Raising: £4000 (4000km) will take us to Dunhuang and allow us to finalise the web design and complete the preparation of images for the game. We are almost home.
Raising: £6000 (6000km) will bring us to Chang'an. This will enable us to convert the game's text into web language, to test the site and to launch it as part of the IDP website.
Please help us. We shall show the progress of our travellers on the IDP web site. All contributors will be listed on this appeal site and on the final quest site. All those donating over £50 will also receive a small gift. You can donate by credit card directly through our appeal page or send a cheque (payable to 'The British Library') to: International Dunhuang Project, British Library, 96 Euston Road, London, NW1 2DB