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Phase One: International supplier and manufacturer of digital camera backs.

Digital Imaging (Imaging and imagebases): General resource and links on digitisation compiled by the Preservation Department of Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources.

JISC Digital Media: JISC Digital Media exists to help the UK’s FE and HE communities embrace and maximise the use of digital media - and to achieve solutions that are innovative, practical and cost effective. Formerly known as TASI, the site provides advice, guidance and training to the UK's Further and Higher Education community on:

Moving Theory into Practice: A tutorial offering base-level information on the use of digital imaging to convert and make accessible cultural heritage materials provided by Cornell University Library.

Higher Education Digitisation Service (HEDS): Serving the higher education sector, museums, public and national libraries, archives and other not-for-profit organisations. HEDS provides advice, consultancy and a complete production service for digitisation and digital resource development and management. HEDS has worked with UK, European and American organisations and welcomes enquiries from any country or sector.

Getting the Picture: Observations from the Library of Congress on providing online access to pictorial images.

LC21: A digital strategy for the Library of Congress. National Academy Press, 2000.

JIDI (JISC Image Digitisation Initiative): The project (now ended) created archive quality digital images from a number of higher education image collections throughout the UK. See also JIDI Workflow Guidelines (1998).

AHDS (Arts and Humanities Data Service): A UK national service aiding the discovery, creation and preservation of digital resources in and for research, teaching and learning in the arts and humanities.

OTA (Oxford Text Archive) 'Creating and documenting electronic texts': The OTA works closely with members of the Arts and Humanities academic community to collect, catalogue, and preserve more than 2000 high-quality electronic texts in over 20 languages for research and teaching. In conjunction with AHDS they host 'Guides to Good Practice'.

Guides to Quality in Visual Resource Imaging : Research Libraries Group (RLG) / Digital Library Federation, July 2000. The RLG also archive a number of guides and tools about digitisation, preservation and metadata.

TIFF (Tag Image File Format) FAQ: The unofficial TIFF Web page
TIFF revision 6 (PDF 385K): June 3, 1992. The specification, along with product-specific supplements, describes TIFF, a tag-based file format for storing and interchanging raster images.
TIFF Specification Supplement 2 (PDF 311K): March 22, 2002. Enhancements for Adobe Photoshop Software.
GeoTIFF: an effort by over 160 different remote sensing, GIS, cartographic, and surveying related companies and organizations to establish a TIFF based interchange format for georeferenced raster imagery.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) FAQ: An archive of frequently asked questions about the Jpeg file format.


Making of America II: A Digital Library Federation (DLF) project to create a proposed digital library object standard by encoding defined descriptive, administrative and structural metadata, along with the primary content, inside a digital library object.

Introduction to Metadata, Pathways to Digital Information: An online publication devoted to metadata, its types and uses, and how it can improve access to digital resources from the Getty Institute.

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI): The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) is an organization dedicated to promoting the widespread adoption of interoperable metadata standards and developing specialized metadata vocabularies for describing resources that enable more intelligent information discovery systems.

RLG Guides & Tools: The Research Libraries Group archive of their guides and tools relevant to digitisation, preservation and metadata.

Metadata DeMystied (2003) and Understanding Metadata (2004): Two approachable introductions (PDF format) to metadata published by NISO (an American standards body).

Metadata Overview: A simple and clear advice paper on metedata produced by TASI aimed at the non-specialised and new user.

Colour Management

International Colour Consortium (ICC): Promoters of the use and adoption of open, vendor-neutral, cross-platform color management systems.

Colour Management: Neil Barstow's colour management consultant site. Full of tips, references, services and training on the subject.

Poynton's Color FAQ: The ColorFAQ clarifies aspects of colour specification and image coding that are important to computer graphics, image processing, video, and the transfer of digital images to print.

Infrared Photography

Medical and Scientific Photography: A resource base for doctors, scientists and students wanting practical information on medical and scientific imaging techniques. It is authored by international experts and based on tested and peer reviewed information.

Ultraviolet and Infrared Photography Summarized: Andrew Davidhazy, School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, Imaging and Photographic Technology Department, Rochester Institute of Technology.

Near Infrared Digital Photography: A Tutorial by Eric Cheng to procure and manipulate near infrared photographs through the use of a digital camera or camcorder.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum: An introductory text.

Electromagnetic Spectrum - Introduction: A technical resource on the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Colourware, Education for the Colour Industry: Frequently asked questions about Colour Physics.

Spectral Selectivity: Imaging with selected portions of the spectrum.

Infrared basics for digital photographers: A non-commercial user-to-user digital photography help site offering practical, experience-based articles.

Invisible Light, The How and Whys of Infrared Photography: An introduction to some of the science behind infrared photography and imaging. Also abstracts with information about technical journal papers and patents in the field of infrared imaging.

Infrared Photography — Debunking Myths: Photographer Michael Fulks' article about his experiences with IR film.
Infrared Photography - Part 2: The second part of Michael Fulks' IR article.