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IDP Paris coordinates work around the conservation, cataloguing and digitisation of the Central Asian collections in Paris in liaison with local conservators, curators and French scholars.

Accessing manuscripts at BnF

The Pelliot collection is conserved within the collections of the BnF’s Manuscript department.
The Manuscripts department is situated on the BnF’s Richelieu site and accessible to anyone
with a research access pass. All practical information regarding accessing the Manuscript
department reading room is available on the BnF website.

To gain access to the Manuscript reading room, you will need to obtain a BnF research pass or

Some documents may not be currently accessible due to their fragility or to on-going
conservation treatment. For any further information please contact [email protected].

All the manuscripts have been microfilmed in black and white and/or digitised in colour, and
published as facsimiles. They can be consulted on the IDP database and on Gallica, the digital
library of the BnF.

Requesting materials for use or publication

To use the images hosted on the IDP database or from Gallica, the digital library of the BnF.
for personal or professional projects, you will need to ensure that you comply with fair use or
copyright restrictions.

The general terms and conditions for the utilisation of images from the BnF are available on
the Gallica website (only in French).

If you would like to use images or materials produced by the BnF for a commercial use,
please check the BnF website for the terms and conditions and to steps to follow.

Giving feedback

We welcome comments about the work of IDP Paris, you can contact us by filling out our online contact form and we will get back to you within a week.