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Imre Galambos and Sam van Schaik return from Qinghai field trip

By Sam van Schaik 22 June 2010

Cliff face, modern colour photograph.Following the in the footsteps of a tenth-century Chinese pilgrim, Imre Galambos and Sam van Schaik spent a fortnight travelling through the Chinese province of Qinghai. They have been working on a book on the manuscripts carried by this pilgrim, now in the British Library’s collections. In the tenth century most of this region was under Tibetan rule, and the pilgrim’s letters of passage are written in the Tibetan language. Imre and Sam visited a number of old sites mentioned in the letters, including the secluded valley of Dentik and the cave temples of the Tsongka region (including Baima Si, pictured above). On the way, they gained insights into the terrain covered by the pilgrim, and photographed remnants of old paintings which help demonstrate the antiquity of these sites. A longer report will be posted soon.


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