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Seminar day on the Christian library from Turfan and the ‘mother church’ in Mesopotamia

By Ursula Sims-Williams 3 May 2011

Poster for Christianity in Iraq conference.

Between 1902-1914 the German Turfan Expedition unearthed a library at the monastery site of Bulayïq in Turfan (north-west China) that yielded over 1000 Syriac, Christian Sogdian and Christian Uighur manuscript fragments written in the Syriac script. This wealth of material was brought to Berlin where it was preserved in various locations. Since April 2008, this remarkable collection has been catalogued by an AHRC-funded project, The Christian Library from Turfan.

SATURDAY 28th MAY 2011 at The Khalili Lecture Theatre
SCHOOL of ORIENTAL and AFRICAN STUDIES Thornhaugh St., Russell Square London WC1H 0XG


Morning Session. [10.30 A.M. –1.00 P.M.]
Dr. Erica C D Hunter (SOAS)
Syriac prayer-amulets from Turfan.
Prof. Peter Zieme (Berlin)
Old Uighur Christian texts between Turfan and Kharakhoto.
Dr. Mark Dickens (SOAS)
Biblical texts from Turfan: Psalters and lectionaries.
Prof. Nicholas Sims-Williams FBA (SOAS)
The contribution of Christian Sogdian texts to Syriac literature.

Afternoon Session. [2.00 – 4.30 P.M.]
His Grace, Mar Awa, bishop of the Assyrian Church of the East, California, USA will deliver the keynote address:

The importance and impact of the liturgical texts from Turfan on liturgy today.

This address will be followed by discussions and presentations from the various Christian communities in London.

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