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Dandan Uiliq is a large monastery complex on the eastern edge of the Khotan oasis, which flourished from the fourth to the ninth century, and was occupied by the Tibetans at the end of this period. It is situated between the Khotan and Keriya rivers, approximately 50 miles north of Domoko, which is on the southern arm of the main Silk Road.

The site itself consists of various structures, including dwellings and shrines. Many Buddhist remains were found at this settlement, including those of murals, stucco and wooden votive panels.

There were also many Khotanese documents in Brahmi script written on paper or wooden tablets. Some wooden tablets, such as IOL Khot W 1, contain legal texts in two parts which join together to form ‘envelopes’ and are secured with string and a clay seal.

Highlights from the collection