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Raghu Vira was an Indian scholar and politician based in Delhi, India. Between 23 April and 25 July 1955, Professor Vira went to China for a study trip.

At the end of May, he embarked on a journey to Dunhuang with 29 expedition members. The Director of the Dunhuang Institute, Professor Chang Shuhong, joined them in Lanzhou and they arrived in Dunhuang on 30 May. There, Raghu Vira visited a number of Mogao Caves and the nearby stupas dated to the 10th century. He left Dunhuang on 4 June 1955. Raghu Vira’s son, Lokesh Chandra, donated the photographic slides of his father’s visit to Dunhuang along with an English copy of the travel narrative to the British Library in 2013

Highlights from the collection