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IDP Dunhuang coordinates the cataloguing and digitisation of the Dunhuang manuscripts held at the DHA and other institutions in Gansu Province in liaison with DHA staff. In the past, IDP Dunhuang was involved in educational activities.

Accessing materials at the Dunhuang Academy

Visits from external experts, scholars, and university groups investigation:

Applicants for visiting must send an application letter to the email of our Gansu Hongwen Dunhuang Art Training Centre at least one week in advance. The conditions for applicants are as follows:

  1. Experts and scholars applying for inspection must provide proof of project proposal or other relevant supporting materials related to research in the field of Dunhuang cultural relics, as well as proof of intermediate or higher professional and technical titles;
  2. Applicants for graduate studies must provide proof of project proposal or other relevant supporting materials related to research in the field of Dunhuang cultural relics;
  3. University students and faculty members must provide relevant certificates such as their student ID for their current enrollment and apply as a research group; Undergraduate students must have at least 10 members, and graduate students must have at least 4 members recognized as a group;
  4. Other applicants must be staff members of the cultural and museum system or inspection and learning personnel related to Dunhuang cultural relics, and apply as a team in the name of the unit;
  5. The same institution can only apply once within a month, with no more than 25 people per application; Experts and scholars are not allowed to exceed 10 people in the closed caves.

Contact number: +82 (0)937-8807226

E-mail [email protected]









电子邮箱:[email protected]

Requesting materials for use or publication

To use the images hosted on the IDP database for personal or professional projects, you will need to ensure that you comply with fair use or copyright restrictions.

If you need to use relevant materials from the Dunhuang Academy, please contact their office in advance at +82 (0)937-886907.

Giving feedback

If you have comments about the work of the Dunhuang Academy, especially about the web pages, suggestions on what you would like to see and any difficulties or problems you have encountered, please reach out at [email protected] or through the contact number +86 (0)937-8807226. Alternatively, you can write to us at the address below:

Dunhuang Academy
Mogao Caves
Dunhuang City
Gansu, 736200
The People’s Republic of China